Sunday, January 24, 2016

Essential beauty of kashmir

Today I am posting some of the best photographs that capture the essential beauty of Kashmir. everyone who travels to Kashmir wants to capture it's magical beauty. The beauty of seasons provides variety & lushness to the photographs. here enjoy the beauty of Kashmir in all walks of life.

A flower seller in the lake going to visit his customers in the houseboats, these flowers are grown in the grooves or the smaller house gardens inside the lake.

char chinaar

The above shot is captured in early morning at the place located on a tiny island inside dallake. "char chinar", the place of four chinars. the sky at dawn can be seen reflecting in the water below and the blue mountains drape the valley, a lone shikara left in the lake.

vegetable market

The above shot is also taken in early morning when the vegetable markets starts at Dallake. farmers who grow vegetables in their small yards, which are located inside the lake meet everyday at one place called "gudri" they come with their boats filled with  loads of vegetables. they sell their produce to shopkeepers & other vegetable vendors.

fisherman at work

It's not a easy life for fishermen, they have to stay in boats for most of the time & work hard during all seasons. In the above picture an old fisherman is pulling a net out of water expecting a good amount of catch. most of fishermen catch fish & later their wives or children sell them in market. in the back ground beautiful waters and huge mountain stands close by the lake.

making of harisa

Harisa is mostly eaten at breakfast during cold winters, it's made up of cooked rice & boiled mutton. some ingredients are also used for flavours. its all made by hand the mutton & cooked rice is grinded with wooden poles in big clay pots. the two men in picture are grinding the harisa. when it's ready it becomes like a fine thick paste & tastes fabulous, its served hot with kashmiri tandoor bread.

A scene from village life

Village life has always fascinated me since childhood, the people their simplicity & their living style. no one can escape the charm of  village life. In the above pic two elderly women are carrying drinking water from a nearby stream in copper pots. A horse cart filled with dung, old house made of mud & planks of wood.

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