Monday, July 7, 2014

Colors of kashmir in autumn

Kashmir is known for it's four seasons it is only place in India which has spring, summer, autumn & winter. Most tourists plan  kashmir tour in summer  because of the scorching heat in other destinations of India. Here summers are filled with mild sunshine & cool breeze. During autumn months of September to November the tourist arrival rates dips & hence it is considered a off season.

Taking a kashmir trip in autumn can be a very good choice as it's very pretty at that time of the year.  In the fall huge chinar trees shed their leaves like rain. people collect this foliage to make fire. leaves slowly dance as they fall gracefully swirling like little birds fallen asleep in their flight. Heaps of leaves can be seen on the ground kids like to play and jump in these heaps and get buried underneath & when they pop out crisp leaves get cliched to their clothes and hair. The Dal lake looks very beautiful with brightly lit lamps colorful canopy of shikaras provide a contrast against blue waters. These shikaras or boats ferry the lake dwellers & school kids in the early morning. sattara, gaffara, sula, comes the voices across the jetty through the thin frosty air, The road to shankracharya temple winds up along the fir plantations in many turns and twists. The tall radio tower stands next to the temple i have seen it there since my childhood. The incommensurable kashmiri beauty has kept me attached since i was born in this land. With the changing seasons kashmir transforms into a magical land. Tulips grow and bloom in the spring, cherry trees are laden with the fruits and the mughal gardens look grand with their chinar trees and fountains splashing water. The houseboats stay busy with tourists enjoying warm sunbathe on the deck. for further reading about autumn in kashmir

I see a vast blanket of maroon leaves spread across the acres of land and the large dome of sky above illuminating in parts, here a patch of clouds there a red line drawn across the huge mass of fog and the sun. This is autumn in Kashmir a season which i  love the most. Autumn is believed to personify a old age it is a time when the trees become bare, naked, leaves change their colors. Same happens with the human life after a prime of youth old age withers the beauty & our health deteriorates.

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