Monday, July 7, 2014

Colors of kashmir in autumn

The afternoon stillness covers the vast area in the distant fields and the crisp autumn leaves crush under my feet and break the stillness in the air. I see a vast blanket of maroon leaves spread across acres of land and the vast blue sky above illuminating in parts here a patch of clouds there a red line drawn across the huge mass of fog and the sun. This is autumn in Kashmir a season which i  love the most. Autumn is believed to personify a old age it is a time when the trees become bare, leaves change their colors. Same happens with the human life after a prime of youth old age withers the beauty & our health deteriorates. 

Plan your kashmir trip this autumn.
Kashmir is very beautiful in Autumn as it has some of the most beautiful gardens with huge chinar trees shedding their leaves like rain. leaves slowly dancing as they fall gracefully  like little birds who had fallen asleep in their flight. The Dal lake is also very beautiful with brightly colored shikaras (mostly yellow) ferrying the lake dwellers & school kids in the early morning. sattara,gaffara,sula, comes the voices across the jetty through the thin frosty air, a vague memory comes in my mind of my childhood days getting ready for school i remember this time used to be the same when our exams were being conducted.I get chills for remembering the time i have gone through my studies at school, a nightmare.The road to shankracharya temple winds up along the fir plantations in many turns and twists. The tall tower stands next to the temple i have seen it there since my childhood. The incommensurable kashmiri beauty has kept me attached to it self since  i was born in this land. Kashmir shows many colors to its spectators, If we see in autumn the chinars how they blaze see the picture below

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