Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Save dallake save future of kashmir a report

a view of dallake from pari mahal

The dallake is the most splendid & beautiful lake in the capital city of Srinagar, it is located app 2kms to the north east of Srinagar.this deep lake is fed by many natural springs and few rivulets which pour in it near a village called is 6.4 kms wide from north to south and 4kms east to the year 1884 the Dal was double of it's present present it has shrunk further due to the encroachment.the water of the lake was so clear that people used to drink it and the kashmiri shawls and pashmina was washed in it to protect their bright colors it was very clean then,but now the water has become dirty and unhealthy because of huge quantity of sewage and garbage that go in this lake is dying at very fast speed,dumping of garbage,cultivation of vegetables in & around Dal sewage water that flows in Dal,the uses of pesticides are causing havoc to this lake.

resident of  the lake

As there is a large population living on this lake so lot of garbage and pollutants go in it further weeds add to its misery.the LAWDA department (lakes and waterways development authority) has been plagued by corruption though they get lot of money by central govt and foreign agencies for cleaning & maintaining the beauty of this lake,but unfortunately these black sheep feed their own families on that money and only 3 to 5 percent of the money is spent on the cleaning of lake.the corrupt government of Kashmir has also played a major part in the decay of the Dal.

The director today addressed to people who were invited in the meeting to take this task on their own shoulders and don't expect much help from government,as we all know said the director that the dallake is a center of attraction in Srinagar,tourists come here they stay in beautiful houseboats & hotels around Dal and imagine if Dal will become a garbage dumping pit  no tourist will stay in Srinagar,Dal is a future of Kashmir look how many people earn in this lake from tourists ranging from houseboat owner to a small poor vendor who sells fruit or vegetable in a shikara.we have to save this place for our next generations to come,see how in many foreign countries they maintain their lakes and rivers the people love their country and they keep it clean so we have to do the same thing here.

No doubt Dal is the heart of Kashmir it is internationally known for it's beauty and houseboats,we should educate our people to take some time from their busy schedule and clean Dal voluntarily we should organize some campaigns were every person from each house should come and help in cleaning the Dal.if we don't come and didn't do it our self the Dal will be the thing of past buried in history.

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